Chain Reaction

This will, perhaps, ring a bell for anyone who lives in a rural area or just relies on a septic system. My weekend went like this: First, it was time to have the septic tank pumped. Called the company and booked a time and date next week. But in order for the pump truck to access the tank, I realized I needed to cut up and clear the old apple tree that fell during a winter storm. But in order to cut up the tree, I needed to get the chainsaws running. And in order to even work on the saws, I needed to go buy two-cycle oil and gas… One thing leads to another, with a nice big slice of aggravation pie on the side.

Long story short. Took a few deep breaths, mixed the gas, fixed the saws, got ’em running and spent the weekend making sawdust. Kind of like that old joke about what happens when you play a country song backward, you know the one: You get sober, your dog returns home and your girl comes back. Or something like that. Anyway, tree’s cleared and pump truck’s coming Tuesday. If there was anyone around, they would’ve heard me say “Hold my beer, now watch this…”


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