Spring Cleaning Feast

In order to qualify as “spring” cleaning, we were up against it. The solstice and the last day of school, both signs of summer beginning, were bearing down on us. The kids and I have been working to clean up the house for a couple of months now, but mostly just little sessions between homework, sports, or anything else we could think of to procrastinate. Finally, my mom came up to visit on a mission: Bust out the work and get it done! To say she helped out would be disingenuous. In fact, she led the charge, diving into the hard work of cleaning shower grout, washing windows, organizing cabinets with mind-boggling energy. For three days, the kids and I just tried to keep from being left in the dust by a 70-plus-year-old grandma.

On Sunday, we celebrated with a grand feast of smoked ribs, sweet corn, artichokes and cornbread. That’s the cleaning crew above, about to sit down for a hard-earned meal. Now the house is bright and shiny–at least compared to how it was–and we’re all feeling good about it. Still more to do, but less than there was by several orders of magnitude. Thanks, Mom! Now we just need to stay on it and finish up before her next visit.

One Comment on “Spring Cleaning Feast”

  1. Satsuki Ina says:

    And the ribs were scrumptious! Be on notice, this event will repeat every year.

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