King Salmon Camp

Now it really feels like summer. Technically, we’re more than a month into it, but to me, it always starts with the Puget Sound king salmon opener, which usually falls on July 16th. As per usual, we packed up pretty much everything we own–I don’t know how we could go camping without the boat to hold all our gear–piled in and headed for our camp. That’s the Olympia crew, headed up by the Sweeneys, preparing to bust out the s’mores, above.

We hit the water early the next morning, our hopes high enough to overcome the previous night’s late campfire.

And fortunately, we found some fish. Smaller than ever this year, but we’re thankful for the harvest. Interesting to note that 50 years ago, the average size of a Puget Sound king salmon was 25 pounds. In recent years, it’s dropped to about 9 or 10, and this year it seems most of the fish are even smaller. A few decent ones around, but if we boated an “average” fish from the old days now, it would look like a whale.

A couple more days of camping and fishing, and the Oly folks headed home. Leaving just the kids and me for one more quiet night, a huge pile of spaghetti, and a bit more fishing. As the kids grow up, I can already see these times together are limited, so I try to savor every minute. It’s a lot of work, but more than worth it. Big thanks to the Sweeneys for making the effort and for feeding us fantastic food. Time to fire up the smoker!

One Comment on “King Salmon Camp”

  1. Family time – every moment is so precious. The salmon may be getting smaller, but your kids aren’t!

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