Awesome Book Event

Attention fellow Bainbridgers, Seattleites and Puget Sounders: My good friend, the novelist John Larison, is reading from his new book, Whiskey When We’re Dry, at Elliott Bay Books this Thursday, 7:00pm. This is a rare chance to meet and hear a writer on the brink of superstardom with a book that’s destined for The Big Time. As in big time publisher, big time movie rights already sold, big time–and well deserved–accolades pouring in from the critics.

I was lucky enough to read an early draft of Whiskey When We’re Dry, and I can tell you the story of a teenage girl gunfighter leaps off the pages. One reviewer called it incandescent, and I think that’s about as good a description as I could come up with. But I will try a few more specifics: It’s a literary Western with the luminous, lyrical prose of Cormac McCarthy but without the apocalyptic undertones; a voice as real and singular as Charles Portis’ Mattie in True Grit; the gripping, epic storytelling of Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove. All in one book that’s as true to it’s 19th Century setting as it is relevant to our current world.

As a writer, I’m swallowing my jealousy of Larison’s talent to be there tomorrow night. As a reader, I’m stoked to hear the words from the man who put them together so beautifully. And as friend, well, I’m just looking forward to a bit of hang time with a good buddy. Meet you there!


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