Sunday Evening Fish

After a long afternoon of sitting on the couch watching football–yes, the Seahawks actually won–and stuffing ourselves with nachos and jalapeno poppers (thanks, Morgan!), we were in dire need of some outside time. Better yet, on-the-water time. Luckily, the tides were lining up just right, the wind fell out, and blue skies prevailed. So we loaded up the crew into Smarty’s party barge. That’s Pete, Weston, Skyla, Morgan and Halo preparing for a serious fish session.

Of course, we took turns on the rods, ensuring a peanut gallery of comments with every attempt. After working out some “casting issues,” we started putting flies in good spots. That’s Skyla on the bow trying to ignore the hostile crowd.

And yes, we even found a few fish–gorgeous, fat sea-run cutthroats that came up to eat our flies and make the peanut gallery cheer. Crisp, autumn air, blue skies, plenty of fish, and good friends. On the way back in, a huge, almost-full harvest moon rose to the east. Awesome. Thanks, Smarty!

One Comment on “Sunday Evening Fish”

  1. Family, Fish, and “Farty”, what more could you ask for!

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