Pursuit Is Happiness

Tom McGuane once said he wishes he could just go outside and enjoy it, but that he needs a game to play. He was referring to fishing, but I think it applies to a lot of us in our outdoor pursuits. And “pursuits” is the key word here. For us, it’s fishing, clam digging, crabbing, oyster picking, the occasional bird hunt, and just about anything else we can “pursue.” And as we’ve recently learned, it doesn’t even need to be something edible. Our friend Danielle took us crystal hunting, and we had a ton of fun grubbing around in the dirt.

And we actually found a bunch.

Then, we took her mushroom hunting, which was so absorbing, we ended up completely lost in the woods. A bit more of an adventure than we were planning, but we eventually found our way back to the car before nightfall.

And we actually found a bunch.

Like McGuane, I wish I could just go out there and soak it in, but the games are so much fun I wouldn’t ever give ’em up. They give us reason, the push, to go outside, to watch weather and tide, to search. I realize now that what we find is happiness. Now, if only we could eat those crystals…

A Foreign Land

Ah…SoCal! After a quick turnaround, had to go to pretty much the polar opposite of northern British Columbia. Work trip with my buddy McCoy to check in at World Headquarters in Ventura, make a presentation, talk and meet about the film I’ve been working on the last couple of years. Aside from LAX and a 4-hour rush-hour drive in 12 lanes of brake lights, all good.

I will admit, it’s nice waking up with palm trees waving in a warm breeze outside my window, throwing on shorts, t-shirt and flipflops and heading off to work. A little different from the frozen spruce forest of BC, and the golden big-leaf maples of home, and in all truth, completely foreign to me. On my last night in Ventura, they were showing another film, which is always fun and festive. That’s the outdoor theater shortly before people started showing up. Outdoor movies in October? Incredible. Still, I was thankful to return home to the PNW autumn.

Quick Visit Home

Had three days between BC and the madness that is Southern California, so made the most of it with the kids and good food. (Like I needed more to eat after BC…) We were craving Mexican food, and the best bet for that around here is home cooking. Found some pork roasts on sale at the market and that sealed it for my dad’s chile verde recipe. Made a huge pot of it with lots of fresh cilantro, onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, tomatillo salsa, and the secret ingredient…jack cheese. That’s pretty much it–super simple and super easy. If you want to give it a shot, cut the pork into bite-size pieces, brown in canola oil, drain, then add the other ingredients and simmer for an hour or so. Can’t describe how good this makes the house smell while it’s cooking. Even if for just a brief time, it’s so good to be home.