Seems early, but then, strawberries were two weeks early this year, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Weston scrounged around our little home patch last night and came up with a few handfuls of delicious, sweet raspberries. The early Summits (grown on the lower sections of last year’s canes), as usual, are small and suffer from “crumbling” but it didn’t deter Weston’s enjoyment one bit. Big, luscious Tulameens are just starting now–two ripe ones in this harvest. I think if I had the time, I’d just do away with the Summits altogether and go with all Tulameens, but it’s a two-year wait for the latter to produce fruit. So even though I say that every year, I’ve yet to do anything about it.

All planting/growing arguments aside, we pretty much love any kind of raspberry. And last night’s first fantastic taste just whetted our appetite for more. As I type, Weston is hopefully foraging through the canes with a strong belief that more ripened overnight. I hope he’s right.