A Night On The Beach


A brief lull in the weather, a decent minus tide and a razor clam opener on the Washington coast.   What better way to spend a December evening than chasing clams and kids around a windswept surf line in the dark? Especially with great friends. Too much fun.

The lull in the weather was key. When morning rain gave way to clearing skies and slackening breeze, Sweeney and I grabbed our kids and ran for the beach. That the Sweeney girls would take a break from teen-age activities and hang out grubbing around in wet sand with the smaller kids, me and her old man gives me hope for the future. The Sweeney/Tomine Razor Crew above, armed and dangerous.

High surf and tide earlier in the day had the clams deep and a little more challenging to find, but we stuck it out and filled our bags with what has to be the most delicious bivalve in the world. On the long drive home, the girls chattered, Weston slept (of course) and we all looked forward to a warm dinner. There were piles of wet, sandy gear to deal with and clams to clean, but I think we would all agree it was more than worth it.