Patagonia Provisions Visit


For the past several years, I’ve had the good fortune to work with Patagonia Provisions, the food division of Patagonia. It’s been an education, to say the least, with deep research into food and how it impacts our planet. Specifically, I get to dig into topics like free-range buffalo and the Great Plains, sustainable salmon-harvesting techniques, Tibetan food customs, organic agriculture, perennial wheat, etc.

From time to time, I leave my little island writing-and-research cave, and visit the Provisions office in person.

Last week was an extra special treat, as my meetings coincided with Chef Tracy On’s visit. Tracy is the magical chef at Patagonia Headquarters in Ventura (Provisions is in Sausalito) who turns out spectacular, healthy and sustainably sourced meals every work day at the main office. But this day, she was cooking just for us. That’s Chef Tracy on the right, and temporary Sous Chef Jenny Garcia (taking time off from her usual Provisions duties) serving lunch. What a meal. I always thought this was the right work for me. Now I’m sure.