Bay Area Fun


Before returning home from the San Francisco reading, I got to pal around the East Bay with my mom, who, having just retired, had time to hang out and have fun. We ate lunch at a mind-blowingly good Japanese place in Berkeley (more on that later), then ran into one of her fellow recent retirees in Oakland. That’s Mom and her friend above, comparing notes on 401(k) payouts, social security, and upcoming shuffleboard tournaments.

Huge thanks to the terrific staff at Patagonia San Francisco for a great event. We had a full house, great food from Patagonia Provisions, beer, and a very enthusiastic crowd. I can’t even begin to express how uplifting these events are, and how much I’m enjoying them. And we still have more to come–if you’re near Seattle, Vancouver BC, or New York City, come on out and feel the love. Dates and times are on the website HERE.


Blueberries Waking Up


With spring weather, we can finally go about our farm chores with visions of the upcoming season in mind. It’s still a long way off, but we’re over the winter hump, and it feels good to have something to look forward to. The berry plants are now budding out, and we’re a little behind in pruning, but should have it wrapped up soon. (Or I should say Stacy will have it wrapped up soon, as she’s done the vast majority of it this winter.) We’re still getting by with mowing twice a month, but it will be every week here pretty quick.

Of course, excitement about the upcoming summer season is tempered with the work still left to do: finish pruning, start the annual and ongoing battle with weeds, re-do the dahlia field and put the tubers back in the ground, mow,mow, mow, weed, weed, weed…

But the opening buds and dreams of sweet berries and happy customers keep us going. We’re stoked! Hope to see you in person at the Poulsbo Library on Saturday afternoon or Silverdale Library Monday evening. Or on Comcast Sportnet’s (I think I mistakenly referred to it as Fox Sportsnet previously) Outdoor GPS show tomorrow.