Little Free Libraries


A couple weeks ago I read a story about these small library boxes people are putting up to share books around their neighborhoods. I thought it was such a great idea, I did a little more research and found out there’s actually an organization that helps people build and install the book boxes. And they feature a map where you can find Little Free Libraries anywhere in the world. Their website is HERE.┬áThe picture above is from a story about the rebuilding of a vandalized LFL on Inside Bainbridge.

Using the map, Skyla and I found a few “official” LFLs nearby, and also remembered the unofficial one that’s been up near Stacy’s parents’ house for years. So we decided to donate copies of Closer to the Ground to the Komedal Road, Shepard Path and Agate Loop “libraries.” I’ve heard there’s another one on the south end of the Island in Crystal Springs, but we couldn’t find it…if anyone has an address, let me know and we’ll drop off a book.

Here’s to a great idea and the hope that it keeps on growing.