Full Movie: CHROME

I posted the trailer for CHROME a few months back, and since then it’s been touring as part of the Fly Fish Film Tour. Now it’s here to watch in the comfort of wherever you happen to be. Anyway, it’s a cool project I was lucky enough to help out with, and at about 12 minutes, a pretty quick watch. Hope you like it.

CHROME Movie Launch

Way back in September, I was lucky enough to spend some time up in Northern BC working on a film with a bunch of good friends. That film, CHROME, made by Conservation Hawks and Conservation Media, is now finished. It’s also been selected for the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour, where it will debut in cities and towns across the country. Huge thanks to all the sponsors, and to Kate Taylor, Tim Romano, Tom Rosenbauer, Todd Tanner, Hannah and Alice Belford, film maker Jeremy Roberts and camera man Rick Smith for such good company.

We had a fantastic time in the deep wilderness chasing wild steelhead and talking about climate change and how it will impact cold water fisheries. With the fish running late, the whole adventure turned into an epic quest to find steelhead.

But for me, it was really more about the people and the place and and an opportunity to help motivate people to engage on the climate change issue. I think the film does a good job of capturing all of it, which hopefully you can see in the trailer above.

Steelhead Film Shoot


The goal was simple: Travel to nearly untouched, far-northern waters to make a conservation film centered around steelhead. All we had to do was catch a bunch of fish for the cameras (the proverbial spoonful of sugar for viewers) while delivering some important information (the medicine) to anglers. At least that was what Conservation Hawks head and film producer Todd Tanner (That’s Todd sitting next to me on the way in…can you see the pre-shoot anxiety weighing on him?) told me when he called to introduce himself and invite me along as part of the crew. I figured with nobody else fishing these pristine waters, it would be a slamdunk. Ha!


The fish were late. Or we were early. Either way, Mother Nature had her say, and despite ideal conditions, we found fishing far from easy. Todd’s blood pressure rose day by day. Pictured above: This is what a fully intact, roadless steelhead watershed looks like. Awesome.


But we had a ton of fun anyway. Despite the tough fishing, I think we all enjoyed the company of like-minded filmmakers and anglers. Best part for me was time in an incredible place with my good buddy and fellow Patagonia Ambassador, Kate Taylor. That’s her enjoying a tasty pre-fish beverage. Also thoroughly enjoyed hanging with Tom Rosenbauer, of Orvis, and Tim Romano from Angling Trade. Lots of simpatico.


Fishing for cameras was…interesting. Okay, it’s flat out weird trying to focus on fish with a mic on, cameras moving around, and drones buzzing by. But I think filmmakers Jeremy Roberts and Rick Smith are going to come up with something good. Especially if they edit out my crap casting, which pretty much fell apart during the trip. That’s Rick with the camera, and Kate trying to act natural, above. Below, still-photographer and new buddy, Tim Romano keeps the competition down by splashing water on the lens of anyone else trying to take a picture.


Finally, after days of searching, we found fish. At least enough to qualify as “sugar” for the film, I hope. And certainly enough to calm the bulging veins in Todd’s forehead.