Road Trip II


After the caverns, we rolled north through the Siskiyous under gorgeous spring sunshine, listening to the adventures of Hank the Cowdog. Made a brief stop in Ashland for lunch but didn’t linger–Stacy was already feeling the pull of her personal Mecca: The Territorial Seed Company store in Cottage Grove, Oregon. (If you haven’t experienced their catalog, it’s probably the finest entertainment value for twenty-five cents anywhere in the world.)

We pulled in around 6:00pm and Stacy went to work, diving into the aisles and combing the seed packet bins. After reading and ordering from the catalog for years, it was great to make the pilgrimage. And the retail store did not disappoint. They had everything Stacy was looking for, and the people working there were even more knowledgeable and nicer than we ever could have expected.

The kids and I took advantage of the big parking lot and warm, evening sun for a little shirtsleeve frisbee session, and when Stacy was finally done, we packed 50 pounds of organic fertilizer and a shopping bag full of seeds into our already-stuffed car. I have no idea how it all fit, but it felt great to stock up on our summer provisions right from the source. And then…on the road again, headed north.