Oregon NPR Interview


Here’s a little interview I did with KLCC “NPR for Oregonians” yesterday. Eric Allen is the host, and he did a nice job with the questions as well as editing–he cut a half hour of my blathering down to a quick, concise five minutes. Just about right to give the illusion of coherency.

To listen, click HERE.

Canadian Radio


Another week, another opportunity to hear me blathering on about Closer to the Ground. But on the off chance you haven’t tired of my voice yet (or you happen to be my mom) I will be on Radio CJAD 800 in Montreal this Sunday, October 27th at 1:00pm Pacific Time. And if you don’t happen to live in Quebec, no sweat–the miracle of modern internet streaming lets you listen from anywhere. Just click HERE for the CJAD website, then click the “Listen Live” button at the top.

And thankfully, CJAD is an English-speaking station. What a relief! Guess I won’t need my Berlitz Guide to Kindergarten French after all.

Archived Radio Interview


Well, in case you missed it, you can still hear the interview from last Saturday on KWMR. Just click HERE and scroll down to the October 19th show of “The Vicarious Traveler.” Since you can hear it whenever you want now, I highly recommend it for anyone suffering from insomnia.

Or if you want something new, I’m doing another interview on CJAD-800 in Montreal this coming Sunday, October 27th at 1:00pm Pacific Time. You can stream it live HERE by clicking on the “listen now” button at the top of the CJAD home page.

Thanks for listening!

More Radio

For everyone who missed my last interview (all 7.185345892 billion of you), fear not: There’s another one coming up at 9:00AM Pacific Time this Saturday, October 19th. I will be talking about Closer to the Ground with Vicki Leeds, host of “The Vicarious Traveler” show on KWMR, which you can streamĀ live on the internetĀ HERE.

If you happen to live in west Marin County, California or some parts of the north Bay Area, by all means, go old school and tune the radio in to 90.5FM or 89.9FM. I’ll probably sound better with a little static interference anyway.

Or, sleep in, eat a big breakfast, watch some football…and if they archive it, I will post the link next week. Thanks!

A Face Made For Radio

Photo 9

I’m sure you were up early on September 19th, listening with rapt attention to my words of wisdom on the radio. But if you’re one of the millions of fans clamoring to hear it again (Okay…Hi Mom!) here’s the interview I did on KKNW.

Click HERE, then click on the little archive box that’s dated “09-19-13” for full enjoyment of what I sound like half asleep. But don’t all log on at once–wouldn’t want to crash their website or anything…