Salmon Superheroes


I’ve been working with Patagonia Provisions, the new food division of Patagonia, for several years now, but this week was a real milestone. As the first fish producer (the hot smoked salmon is already available) to actively work with fish conservation organizations, Patagonia Provisions convened their first annual Salmon Sourcing Advisory Board meeting in Ventura. The goal was to assess Provisions’ current salmon sourcing and chart the course of future options.

For me, it was a chance to hang out with some of my fish conservation heroes, and learn about the options for truly sustainable salmon products. Salmon harvest is probably the most complicated food sourcing issue in the world, but the experts came with encouraging ideas and a ton of information. It was a fantastic brainstorming session, and I left the meeting with a new optimism.

This is a picture I snapped of, from left to right, Mike Moody (Native Fish Society), Dune Lankard (Eyak Preservation Council), Kurt Beardslee (Wild Fish Conservancy), Bruce Hill (Headwaters Initiative) and Dr. Carol Anne Woody (Fisheries Research Consulting). My hope is that this was the first of many gatherings, and that the business itself will have a positive impact on the salmon industry.