Get ‘Em While They’re Hot


Well, here it is: The new, paperback second edition of Closer to the Ground. This version is completely redesigned, with new cover, lots of photos, recipes, and yes, a lower price. After more hours than I can count spent searching through family photo files, working with the design team, and fixing a few things from the original text, I can hardly believe it’s available–and two weeks ahead of schedule. Amazing.

We also made a little book “trailer” video for it, which you can watch HERE.

I’m really excited about how both the book and the video turned out. Hope you like ’em.

At Long Last

After two years of writing and I don’t know how many months of searching for an agent, choosing a publisher, countless rounds of edits, fact checking, design revisions–all of which elicited much handwringing on my part–the actual, real, hardcover book arrived today. Wow. I’m not even sure how to describe the feeling, other than to say it’s hard to believe. And I’m stoked.

I can’t speak for the writing, but the physical design is beautiful. At least to me. Nikki McClure’s cover and internal paper-cut illustrations look fantastic. Mostly, it just feels great to have it in my hands. The book should be available pretty much everywhere in the next few weeks. I hope you like how it looks as much as I do.