Rosemary Salt


About a month ago, I saw a story in the paper about herb-infused salts and mentioned it to Skyla. She asked me to cut it out and save it for her. Then, the week before Christmas, she said she wanted to make it. So we found some nice, flaky sea salt at the store, grabbed a few sprigs of rosemary, and she went to it.

Simple, really. Just heat up the salt with the fresh rosemary twigs in it, and keep stirring. The house filled with the pine-y, savory scent of rosemary, and the salt soaked it all up. Skyla put it in jars with a fresh sprig for style, and wrapped them as “experimental” gifts for a few friends and called it good.

The stuff is delicious. I’ve been putting it on just about every kind of meat, but it really shines on pan-seared wild duck breasts, elk steaks and other wild game. Great on chicken, too. Plus, it’s fun and easy to make. I’m sure we’ll be doing more herb-salt experiments in the near future.