On The Road


Home now from a fantastic book event at the Vancouver Patagonia store. Great crowd, lots of enthusiasm and talk, good beer and friendly people. Awesome. Huge thanks to the Vancouver crew–especially Liz and Manny. While I don’t have any pix from the event, I do have a few from before and after. On the way up, I ran into these characters doing a little Ghostbusting at a Mexican restaurant in Bellingham. That’s Flyfish Journal photo editor Copi Vojta on the left and El Jefe, Jeff Galbraith, on the right.


After a brief tour of the palatial Flyfish Journal World Headquarters & Grotto, we retired to their exclusive, private waters–Ye Olde Whatcom Angling Clubbe & Retention Ditch–for a few casts. The pristine, gin-clear waters reflected the sky (Or was that an oil slick?), obscuring the multitude of trophy fish. But I did have some ditch-pickle action on the surface, and landed this rare, trophy spiny-back trout. Then it was on to the border.


Finally, after the book event, my good friend Aaron Hill and I took to the streets of Vancouver in search of late-night Chinese food. We had to run to slide in before closing time, but hit the jackpot at Hon’s Noodles on Robson. What a feast. Black pepper chicken and bok choy. Spicy beef with hand-sliced Shanghai noodles. Hand-crafted pot stickers. The only pause in the devouring happened when we shot this selfie for Aaron’s dad, Bruce, who couldn’t make it. We missed you, Bruce! Then it was back to eating, drinking, talking, and um, eating, until way after midnight. Solved all the world’s problems–at least those related to fish–ate a little more, and staggered back to our respective hotels. Awesome.

Representing For TFFJ


No, this isn’t the Sadie Hawkins dance. It’s Jeff Galbraith, longtime supporter of my work, friend and publisher of The Flyfish Journal, and me hanging out in Bellingham last week. If you haven’t seen it, The Flyfish Journal is a gorgeous magazine, and I’m proud to have written for it since the first issue. I’m also currently working on a couple of pieces for TFFJ, but I like reading it even better.

Anyway, on our way up to Lummi, we swung through B-Town and Jeff was kind enough to take time away from World Headquarters  (he also puts out Frequency and The Ski Journal) to meet us at the Harris Avenue Cafe for lunch.

Jeff and I talk and e-mail all the time, but this was a great reminder that sometimes it’s just good to get together in person. And I swear, we didn’t call each other ahead of time to plan our “outfits.”