Winter Fishing


After all the rain we’ve had–it’s been wet even by our soggy standards–and more in the forecast, I figured I better take advantage of the beautiful weather on Tuesday. So I made kindling and hauled wood to the house, then put the boat in and spent the afternoon chasing resident king salmon, or blackmouth, as they’re called around here. It felt great to be on the water.

Of course, fishing could have been better, but mostly I was just happy to be outside, dry and with a familiar goal to pursue. I’m not sure if it was the bright sun on shallow water, the falling barometer or the full moon, but I couldn’t find a fish to put in the box. Or it could have been that I had shakers (small kings under the size limit) on the line constantly and the bigger fish didn’t have a chance.

The kids were bummed they had to go to school instead of fishing with me, and I have to admit I missed having them in the boat. But I made it home in time to take them to swimming lessons, feeling somehow refreshed from a few hours of winter fishing.