Shameless Self-Promotional Post #27


Not to go all Sally Field or anything, but while we’re on the subject of tooting my own horn, I just found out Closer to the Ground won Honorable Mention (2nd place) in the Outdoor Literature category of the National Outdoor Book Awards.

Of course, it’s possible that “honorable mention” is kind of like winning “best personality” at a beauty pageant–or perhaps there were only two entries?–but a quick look at the list of NOBA-honored books from this year, and years past, is pretty awe inspiring. Some truly great books and authors. It’s humbling to be listed in their company.

For this year’s winners and the NOBA reviews, click HERE. Mostly, I’m just thankful to be mentioned alongside these authors, and for the support from my publisher, Patagonia Books, that made it possible. Thank you!