Birthday Fish

Friday was my birthday, and since Stacy was working at the farm, the kids and I celebrated by going fishing. What a great day. It was the last of a short three-day heat wave, and even on the water, we sweltered. The kids spent hours leaning over the gunwale, splashing water on each other and looking for jellyfish. When it got too hot, we cranked up and ran to another spot just to have a cool breeze.

We were rewarded for our efforts with three nice king hookups around the low slack. The kids recovered nicely (better than Dad) from losing the first two and teamed up to fight and boat a gorgeous, fat 15 pounder. When it was safely aboard, we high-fived and danced around like lunatics. Later, we had a picnic at the farm with friends and felt the weather starting to turn.

Now it’s 30 degrees cooler and the summer heat seems like a distant memory, even though it was just a few days ago. Summer isn’t over yet, but the light is different now, and you can feel change in the air. School starts next week. I can hardly believe it.

Better Late Than Never

Hello out there. As of late last night, I have been dragged kicking and screaming, as they say, into the 21st Century with a website, this blog, social media… Twelve years late. It’s a giant leap out of the stone age for me, but I’m happy to be here. The motivating factor, to be completely honest, is that I have a book coming out in October. It’s called Closer To The Ground, and it’s the story of a year’s worth of foraging, cooking and eating with my two small kids. If you want to read more about the book, you can check it out at, although maybe you ended up here from there anyway.

This blog will allow me to share some little bits of day-to-day life relevant to the book. Starting with firewood, which we spend all year collecting. In our wet climate, green wood usually takes about a year to dry and I like to have it all split and stacked by March at the latest. This year…well, Weston (5 yrs old) and I finished splitting it last Friday, July 6th.

It’s ironic, I suppose, that the process of writing this book and getting it ready for publication has sometimes  kept me from doing the very things the book is about. But that’s only part of it. Last fall, Stacy and I also bought a small, u-pick blueberry farm, and in addition to learning how to grow blueberries and run a farm, we (perhaps mistakenly) also decided to stop using conventional sprays and go organic. The term “bit off more than we can chew” comes to mind. So…the year has been filled with steep learning curves, stumbles, moments of utter panic, and for me, two new processes which, until now,  I didn’t have a clue about. Still don’t, really.

And this brings me back to this morning, when I just about finished stacking the wood. Only four months late. I have no idea if it will even dry in time to burn this winter, but I figured we had to give it a shot. And anyway, four months late is still better than 12 years. Thanks for reading.