That’s A Wrap


Well, with the current monsoon pounding, rivers rising and silvers headed upstream, I think we can safely say our 2014 saltwater salmon season is done. That’s Skyla running into the wind on what turned out to be our last day of silvers. We found a few fish, worked on boat driving and generally had a great time in spite of the wind and choppy conditions. A good day to wind up the season.

On the other hand, some good winter blackmouth (immature feeder king salmon) reports are already trickling in, which meansĀ I probably need to gas up the boat. Have to be ready when decent weather, good tides and available time coincide.

So…as one season ends, another starts. The great fortune of living in a temperate climate with an inland sea in our backyard. Now it’s just a matter of making the time to go, and having the gumption to bundle up and get after it. The taste of fresh winter king salmon should be motivation enough, I think.