Going Coastal


They say you can’t actually experience jet lag from a north-to-south flight, and certainly not from one of such short duration, but I arrived home from the San Francisco book event late Friday night, completely beat. As I was settling into the couch, it occurred to me that Saturday, the very next day, was a razor-clam opener out on the coast. And probably the last opportunity for an afternoon dig on the beach we like. Who has time to rest? I jumped up, scrambled around and made a huge pile of clam guns, shovels, warm clothes, lanterns, snacks, etc; in the morning, the kids and I hit the road. Somehow, we pulled it all together and made it to the coast in time for the tide. That’s the kids, along with Laine, Dan, and Mia Sweeney, feeling the stoke.


With an onshore breeze pushing water up the beach, digging was tough. Right on the low tide, the razors started showing, but they were all right in the wash, which made digging a challenge. We finally settled on two teams of three…one would spot and mark the clam, the other would deploy the gun, and the third person would watch for incoming waves. We spent a lot of time running up the beach to stay (sort of) dry. But it was also a ton of fun. That’s Laine, Skyla and Weston showing off their hard-won trophies.


Eventually, we filled our bags, and with the breeze picking up and the marine layer thickening to a wet mist, we headed back to the truck. Tiring, yes. But the beach, fresh air, kids and good friends are a sure cure for whatever imaginary jet lag I was feeling, and definitely worth the effort. Clam on!