Surf-N-Turf Hauler


My good friend Kate Taylor was passing through Seattle, carrying 30 pounds of elk meat for me (a treasured gift, for sure), plus my clam gun, which she “borrowed” a couple months back. I didn’t want to drive onto the ferry for such a short trip, and had to figure out how to haul it all back home on foot. So I grabbed my trusty Black Hole Wheeled Duffel and ran for the boat.

We met under the viaduct for a vaguely sketchy exchange. Well, okay, I didn’t have anything to give her, so it wasn’t exactly an “exchange,” but meeting in a trash-strewn downtown alley to load black plastic garbage bags from her truck into my wheelie definitely felt shady. Then, in a completely unplanned bit of perfection, I discovered that the clam gun fit through the end grip and roller handle of the duffel, locking it in place for transport. Awesome. Quick hugs and I was on my way…with a brief stop for Thai food to go, which is where I took the picture. Hey, gotta make the most of any trip into the city…

On the ferry home, my luggage was the subject of several comments and questioning looks, but I was stoked, rolling along, to quote Bob Dylan, with one hand waving free. My guess is that whoever designed the bag never had 30 pounds of frozen elk steaks and a clam gun in mind, but the fit was so perfect, it sure seemed like it.