Young Salt


That’s Weston bringing the boat into the harbor with dinner fixin’s onboard. Nice weather seems to be keeping at least a few silvers in the salt, and we’re trying to squeeze a little more harvest and on-the-water time out of the 2014 season. This time of year is always tinged with a bit of sadness for me, as we wrap up our traditional summer activities for another year, so, as long as the weather cooperates, I’m not letting go easily.

The kids are now old enough to start learning more of the tasks involved with our fishing, too. Skyla’s spending more and more time on the tiller going full blast, and even more difficult, with gear in the water at trolling speed. Just being able to have her drive while I get the gear deployed makes our fishing days so much easier, especially when we’re heading into a breeze that wants to push the bow around. Boat competency isn’t just about convenience, either. If something should ever happen to me while we’re fishing together, I need them to know what to do and how to run the boat. Skyla’s pretty close, and we’ll keep working on it.

Weston’s getting there, too. He’s doing pretty well at mid-speed cruising, and I think we’ll step him up to some faster and slower work next season. The day I took the picture above, it was windy and rough, so I did most of the driving. But once we were in the lee of the Island, Weston took over and was quite proud of himself for bringing us home. So was I.