A Good Reminder


I must have walked past this sunflower star half a dozen times while loading the boat. If I noticed it at all, it was just something to avoid stepping on. Hurrying as always…gotta catch the tide, gotta go, hurry, hurry…

Then Skyla found it. “Dad!” she yelled, “Look at this sunflower star! It’s awesome!” And I stopped what I was doing, and really looked at it with her. We watched the millions of tiny legs reaching for something to grip, felt the rough/soft surface on its top, wondered what it was doing high and dry on a sandy, shallow beach.

I think that’s the best thing about hanging out with kids. There’s always something interesting, even if it’s something you’ve walked past half a dozen–or a thousand–times without taking much notice. I’ve been trying to learn this lesson for years, and yet, it still takes a kids’ curiosity to slow me down, wake me up and remind me to stop and smell the flowers. Again.