Popsicle Time


With summer berry season in full swing, we found ourselves with big piles of strawberries and raspberries. So many, in fact, that they were going soft faster than we could eat them. (Based on the rate at which Skyla and Weston can consume berries, this means we had A LOT!) Simple solution: the best popsicles ever. And a fun project for kids, too. We just mashed up the berries–leaving some pretty much whole–with a little sugar, let them juice out in the fridge for awhile, then filled popsicle molds. A couple hours in the freezer and we were off to the races. Unlike liquid-juice-based pops, these have great texture, with bits of fruit to chew on as they thaw, and the flavor is pure, fresh, ripe berries. Awesome, fun and delicious. My kind of project.