North Coast Oregon


Just home from spending a few days with some of my favorite people (and dogs). Sure, the stated objective was steelhead fishing and photo shoot, but the weather wasn’t exactly cooperative. We had low, clear conditions with flat light and very few fish, which changed overnight (literally) to torrential downpour, dark skies and blown rivers. But it hardly mattered. That’s part of the crew above: Kada, Justin, Kate, B2, Rio, Cal and Tim.


We had a rotating cast of characters, with my good friend John Larison joining us for the last and extremely rainy day. Again, it hardly seemed to matter. Lots of great talk about fish, conservation, books, writing, family…pretty much heaven. A very wet heaven, but heaven nonetheless.


Huge thanks to everyone for making it happen. Late nights, long days and good food with great friends. People I don’t get to hang out with nearly enough, all in the same place at the same time. Heaven.


Something Fishy


This shot (yeah, that’s me) was taken by Tim Pask, one of the many great photographers featured in the new Patagonia fly fishing “brand book.” (The term “book” is used more and more loosely these days…it’s all digital. And it’s free.) Click HERE and page through the images at the top. I think it’s definitely worth a look, and if you’re like me, it’ll get you dreaming and drooling.

I was honored to contribute a short written piece at the end of the “book,” titled What Is Fly Fishing? Not sure if it really answers the question, but it was fun to write. Hope you like it.