Civic Duty


Well, it’s done. I wish I could say I felt a little more enthusiastic about voting this year, but to be honest, I’m not feeling it. When it comes to the presidential race, it seems more like obligation or responsibility than privilege this time around. Now, I didn’t need it to be the electric charge of ’08, or even the more restrained version of 2012. But I think over the last eight years, I’ve come to take it for granted that I would want to hear whatever our President had to say, that it would be delivered with grace and integrity, that whether I agreed with what was being said or not, that it would come from a place of respect and thoughtfulness.

But I also understand that whatever ambivalence I may feel about the personalities at the top of the ballot, this is a critical election. If we care about climate change, public-land access, healthcare, education, fair treatment for all citizens, who sits on the Supreme Court and the decisions they’ll make, we have to vote. This is a big one. We have to cast our ballots and shape the future of this country. That’s our privilege.