Albacore Processing Party


My buddy Neal made a run out into the ocean last week and came home with around 100 pounds of albacore tuna. Even better, these late-season fish are absolutely loaded with fat, making them a rare treat, at least for us Puget Sounders. But how to deal with such a bonanza? Neal worked on it himself Friday and Friday night, then called in reinforcements for a Saturday quilting-bee style processing session. Three guys (that’s Neal and Mark at the butchering table), two pressure canners, huge ice chests, industrial-strength vac-sealer, five big sharp knives and perhaps most importantly, a bowl of soy sauce and wasabi to clean up the scraps while we worked.

When we finished, there were cases of canned tuna, piles of vac-sealed loins, belly strips and blocks of prime sashimi-grade center cuts. And I must have eaten several pounds of scraps as we worked. Delicious. All in all, a good day’s work.