Washington Post Review

I found out yesterday the Washington Post was going to review Closer To The Ground on Wednesday. This would be the first national media coverage, and the first review by a real book critic. I was sweating bullets. When I heard it was up online early, I was almost too afraid to look.

Luckily, the reviewer was very kind and now I can pry the bottle of industrial-strength antacids out of my sweaty hands and put it away. What a relief. Many thanks to Karla, Stephanie and especially Ms. Krug at The Post. Anyway, here’s the review: http://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/books/dylan-tomines-closer-to-the-ground-from-patagonia/2012/09/25/053fa1d2-0130-11e2-b257-e1c2b3548a4a_story.html