Good Eats


Our good friend (and good hunter), David Smart, generously gave us another batch of wild duck breasts. So last night we ate another round of them–I doubt I will ever tire of rich, tender, minerally flavor of wild duck–as part of a healthy, tasty meal. I marinated the duck in olive oil, garlic and a touch of rosemary, then pan-seared to medium rare. Stacy made her blueberry/balsamic/red wine sauce by deglazing the brown bits from the pan with the wine and chicken stock, then reducing with the rest of the ingredients.

On the side, sprouted short-grain Japanese rice cooked with chicken stock and steamed winter broccoli. Best meal we’ve had in quite a while. And this morning, Skyla and I polished off the leftover duck on toast. Delicious. Thank you, Smarty!

Note: This is the first time we tried the sprouted brown rice, and it’s incredibly good. I’d been hearing about the health benefits–more nutrients and fiber, higher GABA, etc, but I didn’t expect the great flavor and texture. Awesome.

‘Tis The Season


Our winter chard seems to match the colors of the season, so I snapped a picture as holiday greeting. It tastes great sauteed with a bit of olive oil and garlic and provides much-needed fresh greens in our diet this time of year. Last night, after a relaxing day of opening presents and playing with them inside while the rain pounded down outside, we had a lovely Christmas dinner with Stacy’s parents. Main course was fresh wild duck breast (courtesy of our great friend Smarty) marinated in olive oil and garlic then pan-seared medium rare, along with roast potatoes–creamy German butterballs–and to really take it over the top, crab cakes on the side.

Stacy made an outrageous blueberry sauce for the duck with balsamic vinegar, red wine, chicken stock, worcestershire and brown sugar along with all the tasty bits deglazed from the duck pan. There was also a Bibb lettuce salad with crumbled blue cheese, apples and sunflower seeds, our traditional clam dip appetizer and a chocolate-coconut pecan pie Stacy’s mom made. I was so absorbed in gluttony, I forgot to take any food pix for the blog.

Skyla and I ate the leftover duck for breakfast this morning and felt thankful to have it. Happy Holidays!