After all these years and months and days, it’s hard to believe it’s actually ready. In fact, the North American screening tour for Artifishal kicks off this Friday, April 12th, 7:00pm at Patagonia Portland. The last few months have been absolutely crazy with political outreach, marketing materials, tour scheduling, and everything else Patagonia is putting behind the film. While it’s left me little time to do things like, say, actually keep up with this blog posting business, I am grateful for the full-court press. Hey, they even made some sweet HATS and T-SHIRTS!

Check out the trailer above, and if you can, come to one of the screenings. Tour dates, FAQs and other info available HERE. I will be at the Portland, Vancouver, San Francisco, Ventura, Dillon, Bozeman and SoHo events. There will also be a Seattle screening sometime in May, date TBD. The full film will be available online in September, so until then, best bet is to watch it in person at one of our events. I look forward to meeting you there. Hope you are all well.


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